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  • "Oh, you want a story before you go to bed, little one? Then I'll tell you a story of something that happened when I was your age... 

    "Back when Mommy was a child, we lived in a little village in the Kingdom of Gurikaan - that's right, Mommy used to live with the dwarves. Our whole family did, because Grandfather was an engineer. We lived by the woods, because some of the people didn't like us living with the rest of them. Because of this, Mommy didn't have many friends. She would usually go to play in the woods behind her house, because she knew all the twists and turns in the wood.
    "One day, Mommy got lost. She thought she knew the way, but because it was getting colder, the sun was setting early. The sun was setting, so the bright path she normally took was gone. She started to cry, which is where she ran into a little elf boy. She didn't know who he was, but he was all wrapped up in dirty rags. He wanted to know why Mommy was crying, and she told him that she couldn't find her way back home. He smiled and said that he didn't know where his home was, either, but he knew how to get out of the woods. Mommy took his hand, and he led her back home safe and sound, but when she let go turned to thank him, he wasn't there anymore.
    "Whenever Mommy went into the woods from then, the little elf boy would come and visit her. They would play, and have fun. Sometimes, whenever Mommy and Grandfather went into town, she would see him peeking around from the corners. But one time, Mommy got lost in town. She didn't know where to go, and she ran into some older dwarf kids, but they were mean and called Mommy names and threw rocks at her. She ran away, only to find the little elf boy looking at her, wondering why she was crying this time. She tried to tell him that there were some mean kids who didn't like her, but one of the rocks knocked one of Mommy's baby teeth out, so she reached in and pulled it out to show him. This made the little elf boy very sad, so he said he would go out and fix it. The next day, the little elf boy came back holding three more teeth in his hand. He said that they were being naughty, so he was naughty to them. Mommy tried to tell Grandfather what happened, but he didn't seem very happy. But Mommy would be extra careful whenever she went into town from then on, and she would always be happy to see the little elf boy in the woods.
    "One day, Mommy got bigger, but the little elf boy was still small. He would want to play with her, but Mommy told him that she was very busy sometimes, but he would sit and wait until she was done with work. Grandpa needed help making things, you see. One day, the boy tried to help, but he burned his hand on the metal, so he didn't try to help anymore. This made him sad. Sometimes, Mommy would go out to meet some of her human friends. He was shy, so he didn't show up around the rest of them, but sometimes Mommy would see him looking to make sure that she was having fun. Sometimes he would play tricks on them, like pulling stools out from under people when they weren't looking or tying their shoelaces together under the table. This made Mommy laugh a lot.
    "But Mommy got older and became a young lady, while the little elf boy was still little. Sometimes Mommy would go out with a nice young man... no, it wasn't Daddy, Mommy would meet him later. Sometimes Mommy didn't want the little boy to hang around, so she would sometimes tell him to go play somewhere else. This made him very sad. There were times when he wouldn't see Mommy for days on end. 
    "But then the nice young man that Mommy thought was nice turned out to be very mean. Sometimes he went drinking and tried to hurt Mommy. One time, it got so bad that Mommy had to run into the woods where she used to play. The little elf boy came and saw how Mommy was crying, and she told him what went wrong. This made him very, very sad. So he told Mommy to stay there and he would help her. She fell asleep in the wood, and woke up to the little elf boy shaking her awake, holding some very bloody teeth. He said that the young man was being naughty, so he was naughty to him. This scared Mommy, because she was worried that the mean young man was going to try and hurt her more. 
    "She was right. A bunch of the townspeople showed up at her door that day, saying that she was a witch and tried to send a tiny demon after the mean young man for revenge. The mean young man showed up with a bandage around his mouth, which was all swollen up and nasty. They forced her back into the house she was in and told her that she had to leave. She cried and cried and cried, which confused the little elf boy. He was only trying to help, but Mommy was angry at him. She yelled at him and threw the teeth he gave her at him, and told him to get out and never see her again. To this day, Mommy never has. But after she packed up all her things and right before she left town to go to Solvuun, the snow started falling on the little town. Right after she left, she heard someone shouting, and bells ringing, and as Mommy walked away, she smelled and saw smoke coming from her old town. When she got to Solvuun, she heard that someone set fire to most of the buildings in her old town, and that many people in there had perished in the flames. The mean young man was one... as well as Grandfather.
    "There were times that Mommy thought she saw the little elf boy, except a little older, but every time she went to look, she only found a tiny tooth lying there on the ground. That's how she knows the little elf boy is still out there. That's why you should put your little baby tooth out by the window and sprinkle metal dust on your floor, so he doesn't come and try to help you like he did me. That's why you should never go play in the woods, otherwise he might come and try to take you away from me. And that's why you shouldn't be naughty towards other children, because you never know if he's taken a liking to them. If he has, you can be sure he'll be naughty to you, too."

    Look out, look out, 'cause Happy Jack's
    walking 'round with his big ol' axe!
    If, to others, you have been nice,
    He'll sneak right past you in a trice.
    But if you're rude or bad or mean,
    He'll take his knife that's sharp and keen,
    When you're sleeping, he'll carve your teeth,
    And string them along his grisly wreath.

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  • Vignette 1: A Happy Accident

    The night was silent, save for a small wind shaking the trees' bare branches with gentle caresses. If one were to listen very carefully, though, they would have heard an occasional footstep, shuffling in time with the sounds of the rustling branches. The creature who calls himself Hap'Jack sauntered down a darkened lane in the village of Neridos. He hadn't done anything fun in a while... and while fighting mad wizards and learning things about surreptitious necromancers was fun, he missed the excitement that happened in the old days. It was a winter night, after all. This was his time, his birthright. His hand gave a sudden twitch of excitement. 
    And there, he heard someone coming. A woman, alone. How curious that she should be walking up this lane without much to fear. Regardless, Jack found his prey. He moved closer and closer... and while she briefly turned around once, Jack nimbly ducked around the corner of a nearby building to fully avoid her notice... yet she seemed unnerved, Jack noticed with a scowl. He would have to finish this soo-
    A third set of footsteps approached. Alarmed, he whirled around... only to find a man dressed in the opulent garb of the local tax collectors. Thankfully, he had not noticed Jack, as his attention was focused on some documents in his hand, but as Jack peeked around the corner, he saw the woman had quickened her steps, as if she knew there was something lurking about. Jack frowned. Two tempting targets had presented themselves in short succession... but whom to choose? A woman afraid? Or a man who makes his living by filling his pockets with the gold of the poor? Why am I even asking myself this question? he thought as his hand slowly drew the small hatchet at his side, lying in wait for the man to cross his path. Closer and closer this man came, with slow methodical footsteps. He soon rounded the corner, unknowing of the monstrous grin Jack was wearing as he slithered up behind him.
    The night was silent, save for a small wind shaking the trees' bare branches... and an even smaller wind that rattled the grasses near a dead man's lips.


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