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Thieves Guild Hideout
  • Since some of our active players are in the thieves guild, we have converted Scummy Joe's old place into a safehouse.  Within this safehouse you'll have access to standard thieves guild gear, along with grenades, poisons and faction gear.  There are also limited persistent storage boxes for you to store heavier things for later use.  Note these come with their own warning signs as we won't be responsible for lost or damaged items! :)

  • Could we have banks with safe box for everyone else too?
    I did propose scarfaces persistent banking which has these.
  • in theory, yes.  But i don't see the benefit of rushing this because no one is actively playing during the week, only while we're running events.

    Karinos city does have a bank, but it's not implemented yet for the above reasons.  Thieves players have actively said that their strength scores are too low to warrant much of anything, and since we're running a heavy thieves plot currently, it made sense to add a hideout for them.

    So far, theives have been playing against the main plot in downtime, which is why certain events have, and are to occur.

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