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Lomir Nobility, please
  • Username: Shadowtim3
    Character name: Lomir Nailo
    Request: Nobility
    Reason: Because I said please?
    Real reason: Want a noble character to help the server as far as RP goes. Give players quests and manage in game diplomacy issues. (And because I enjoy playing a noble. =P) At least a Baron title. Still be able to do political issues and be low enough to take orders as well. It would make sense for the elves to send one of their own lesser nobles to the human's courts ICly to be the elven ears and voice without risking their major nobles and ensure peace with their allied kingdom. Barons still take orders and in extreme cases expendable to the political theme of things. 
  • Since we know you well and we've played many a time before, I'm happy to give you my vote, but we'll need to flesh out where your village is in relation to the elven capital and Karinos, and possibly put some time in to building it with you.  Note that Elves are typically antisocial towards other races except when absolutely necessary.  They're often considered arrogant by some, but awed by most.  This would be a good way to reach out and offer quests to the other races.

    Providing at least one other administrator is happy for you to take this role, we can beat something out together as a group either on NWN or on MSN or some other form of communication. :)
  • We're currently hammering out elven nobility (the great houses, how it functions, etc.), but I'm perfectly fine with you taking a title and having a stake in the elven lands (though it wouldn't be Baron since elves down have barons). We'll be sure to post up a sheet that defines the elven nobility soon, and from that you can decide which house you want to be a part of and how you might tweak your background to fit it.

  • Awesome. ^^ I have MSN. Lately I've just been keeping it on. What I have now is just a rough draft as far as bio goes. It just hits the major points at the moment. Still, thank you.

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